Executive Assessment / Individual Assessment


For the filling of senior or higher management positions, a particularly differentiated picture of competencies and deficits of a candidate is necessary in order to obtain a reliable decision basis in favor of or against the recruitment. In the Individual Assessment, all requirements asked of candidates are specifically examined and scrutinized. In contrast to the Group Assessment, it offers the candidate the necessary discretion as well as the opportunity to present themselves appropriately.


Together with the client, objectives and concrete assignments as well as the critical success factors (critical incidents) of the target position will be established. If available, we will work with the client’s catalog of competencies. Alternatively, we will work with the catalog of criteria for managers developed by md. Subsequently, the appropriate assessment procedures will be selected or, if required, newly developed or adjusted in a customer-oriented manner. In the Individual Assessment, the candidate will be accompanied and observed by two experienced consultants to eliminate observation errors and bias effects. Frequently, there is also an observer of the contracting company present.

The assessment procedure normally contains the following methodological blocks:

1. Prior online tests: analytical cognitive ability tests, one personality inventory, one motivation questionnaire

2. In the presence phase (one day): working on different diagnostic components (case study, presentations, conversation simulation) as well as further questionnaires (self-description, motivational profile).

3. Detailed, structured interview guided by the assessment’s criteria

4. Differentiated feedback for the candidate regarding strengths, weaknesses and development opportunities at the end of the day

5. After the assessment, an individual written report about the candidate will be created by the consultants which will be sent to the client confidentially. We recommend also providing the candidate with the report.