Executive Assessment / Individual Assessment

The Individual Assessment offers top managers in particular the greatest possible discretion and appreciation. Different online testing procedures, a complex case study and conversation simulations as well as a biographic and competence-based interview are conducted on the basis of a detailed, position-specific requirements analysis and concluded with differentiated feedback.

Management Audit/Management Appraisal

In order to gain extensive and sound information about the management competencies of a specific employee group or management level in terms of future challenges, we will subject them to a uniform diagnostic process. The result is the identification of top performers and key persons as well as the determination of individual needs for further development. Each participant will receive differentiated feedback.

Group Assessment / Development Center

For the decision on the promotion of junior staff or the selection of a larger number of applicants we offer group procedures. In addition to the testing procedure, simulations and interview the participants will work on specific tasks as a team. At the end, they will receive development-oriented feedback.


Knowing oneself and being aware of one's own resources but also the individual development areas is particularly important for managers with and without leadership responsibility. By means of Diagnostics&Coaching we will, together with the coachee, develop personal growth objectives based on a differentiated assessment of the current level of management skills beyond their own field. Within the scope of the subsequent coaching program, these objectives will be focused on and the coachee will be supported in exploiting their full potential.

Environment Diagnostics (360° feedback)

With the involvement of differentiated feedback from the direct environment, we will provide valuable and multifaceted information for the design of individual development plans. This applies particularly to managers from top management (members of executive boards, managing directors) as feedback tends to be rare on these levels.

Diagnostics Training

The key competencies of every manager with staff responsibility include the selection of applicants or employees and the evaluation of their potential. For the qualification of managers or employees of the HR department we offer seminars that are customized to their specific needs in order to increase reliability in the selection decision and the potential assessment.

Diagnostics Concept Development

We advise smaller and medium-sized companies in the development of suitable processes as well as the development of diagnostic competence in order to use tailor-made procedures for personnel decisions at all levels.

Management Coaching

We offer managers solution and resource-oriented coaching for their personal engagement with identified development fields, the tackling of special challenges in a manager's day-to-day life or the reflection on certain behavioral patterns.

Environment Diagnostics (360° feedback)

With the inclusion of differentiated feedback from the immediate environment, we provide valuable and diverse information for the design of individual development plans. This applies in particular to executives from top management (board members, managing directors), since open feedback tends to be rare at these levels.