Our services

Management Audit

In order to obtain comprehensive and well-founded information about the management skills of a specific group of employees or management level with regard to future challenges, we subject them to a standardized diagnostic process. The result is the identification of top performers and key individuals as well as the determination of individual development needs. Each participant receives differentiated feedback.

Management Appraisal

Management appraisals are usually initiated by the management in order to assess the ability and suitability of a company's management with regard to upcoming strategic challenges. It also serves as a management development tool by enabling candidates to determine their own position and identify their personal development potential.

Suitability Diagnostics

Aptitude diagnostics is a critical task for every organization in order to position the company for the future: Identifying people's potential, determining the suitability and fit of employees and applicants for current and future challenges and planning their development in a targeted manner.

Leadership Assessment

Leadership assessment literally means "the assessment of managers" or "the assessment of leadership skills". Leadership assessments are an important tool for future-proofing a company and optimizing the organization's leadership potential.

Potential Analysis

The potential analysis is another essential aspect of the analysis carried out during an organization's strategic management process. It helps to assess and determine the potential of the company and its resources (employees and managers).

Assessment Center

Assessment centers are a series of exercises that test candidates' skills required for a specific vacancy. The assessment center is one of the most reliable methods for evaluating and assessing skills.

Management Coaching

We offer managers solution- and resource-oriented coaching to help them personally address identified areas of development, overcome particular challenges in their day-to-day management work or reflect on certain behavioral patterns.

Interview Training for Managers

Interview training for managers is a specially developed program that focuses on strengthening communication skills, refining presentation techniques and providing tools and strategies to succeed in job interviews, selection processes or other interview-based situations.