Management Audit/Management Appraisal


Company acquisitions, new business strategies, new technologies and forms of organization, company consolidations, mergers and turnaround situations as well as a new top management need an answer to the following questions: will the present management be able to meet the future challenges? Who has which strengths and weaknesses? Which development steps are necessary – both individually and for the entire group?

To answer these questions accurately, a systematic procedure and focused approach is needed. Therein, it is important that …

1. there are concrete criteria available for the assessment of the management performance,

2. these criteria are deduced from the future challenges and the future position-related skills of the individual managers,

3. the assessments themselves are based on scientifically well-founded methods of management diagnostics.

These requirements can be fulfilled with the instrument Management Audit, in which a defined group of managers, within a relatively short period of time, goes through an identical procedure that enables a high degree of comparability.

The instrument of an Audit can also be specifically applied to other groups within the company, e.g. sales, human resources, R&D.


Together with the client, the objectives and the exact procedure will be agreed on and the future challenges/strategies made concrete. The participating management is informed about the objectives and content of the Management Audit extensively and in due time.

In individual interviews, the top management will be interviewed regarding future requirements for the individual management positions. From the results of the interviews, the requirements will be formulated as criteria for the actual audits and agreed on with the client.

The audits with the participating managers themselves will be conducted with two consultants and, optionally, with a senior manager or HR manager from the company.