Diagnostics Concept Development

Initial situation

The most widely used diagnostic instruments in personnel selection are still the résumé and criteria-oriented interviews. Both offer more possibilities for the assessment of the candidates’ potential than are actually used in practice. Far too often personnel decisions are solely made on instinct without any previously defined rules. Therefore, the statements are frequently not very reliable in terms of behavior prognostics.


We will compile a catalog of instruments that is customized to the company, designed with state-of-the-art contents and contains reasonable diagnostic tools which standardize and objectify the personnel selection and sustainably minimize poor personnel decisions.

The catalog of instruments contains the following interlocking components:


We will help the client in the selection of suitable criteria for competencies and develop an individual catalog of criteria for the company. In addition, we will create an appropriate assessment and evaluation sheet with practicable classification levels. Furthermore, the catalog of criteria can be used as a basis for potential analyses, 360° feedback etc.


We will develop customized critical incidents (success-critical challenges) that are characteristic for the vacancy which the client can specifically use in the interview.


We will create an optimal interview structure, including guiding questions, for the contracting company. Moreover, we will provide written basic ‘cornerstones’ of conducting conversations.


The diagnostic quality of an interview is significantly shaped by the qualification of the interviewer. In the md interview training, In the md interview training, theoretical foundations are laid and specific conversation techniques are practiced.