High-ranking managers frequently lament the lack of open feedback as there often is a significant reduction of honest and differentiated feedback connected with the hierarchical career progression. This leads to the desire to determine the ‘status quo’ in terms of their personal efficiency in the leadership role, recognize their talents, strengths and learning topics and examine them through cross-comparison. Obtaining starting points from these self and external images for a systematic development prompts an assessment of the current personal position and a subsequent coaching process.

Why Diagnostics&Coaching?

Existing development programs offered within the scope of seminars are often too unspecific and neither consider sufficiently the strengths and weaknesses of a manager nor his individual situation and range of experience. In addition, they frequently do not satisfy the desire for a profound external image. Diagnostics&Coaching combines classic management diagnostics with individual development coaching.


Initially, together with the HR manager or participant’s manager, the requirements and objectives of the current and possible future positions will be surveyed. In a one-day Individual Assessment, two md consultants will develop the personal competency profile with the participant. With regard to the respective professional position, different diagnostic instruments are used (e.g. cognitive performance tests, personality inventories, presentation exercises and conversation simulations). Optionally, information from an environment survey (360°) may be incorporated. In the course of a résumé and competency-focused interview of several hours, a diverse picture of the participant’s personality is created.

At the end of the day, the participant will receive first oral feedback. The results are subsequently recorded in a detailed confidential feedback report.

Based on this information, realistic personal development objectives will be jointly developed and concrete measures agreed upon in the subsequent coaching sessions. The participant will set the course himself, the consultant will support as a coach through impetuses for development, reflection on practice, or inputs. Where necessary, further training or further education courses (e.g. MBA) will also be initiated. The length of the coaching process depends on the development steps and desires of the participant.

The aim of Diagnostics&Coaching is an individually controlled, systematic development process. The participant will be supported in professionalizing their management and leadership competencies and further developing their capability for critical self-reflection as well as their personal standing in order to successfully fulfill their management role over the long term.