Environment Diagnostics (360° feedback)


The top management’s desire for a differentiated, systematic and extensive assessment of the performance capability of its management level, for example in the context of mergers, is a possible starting point for environment diagnostics (also 360° feedback). For this purpose, assessments are obtained and concentrated from the respective individual environment of the managers in a systematic and criteria-driven manner. Therefore, a differentiated and multi-perspective account of how one is perceived by others is created with regard to the competencies, strengths and development areas of the individual.

Environment diagnostics is a recognized instrument of executive development – particularly when it comes to specifically and efficiently promoting leadership and management competencies.

It facilitates an extensive description and assessment of the professional behavior of managers and provides valuable approaches for personal change projects.


Together with the client, the objectives and criteria will be established.

In doing so, the behavior of a person (focus person) will be described from different perspectives and subsequently assessed. As the feedback providers (e.g. superiors, colleagues, employees, customers, suppliers) experience the respective focus person from different perspectives and in different situations and contexts, they can contribute specific impressions of competencies and behaviors with the result that an extensive picture is created.

The obtainment of feedback from the environment takes place either through structured interviews, questionnaires or through an internet-based online instrument.