Benefits of md

Benefit from our valid diagnostics and many years of experience and make the right personnel decisions for your company.

Erroneous appointments cost a lot of time and money. You will benefit from well-founded suitability diagnostics in two ways: with the right employees, on the one hand, your company will be able to act successfully on the market and, on the other hand, you will save the not insignificant costs of erroneous appointments.

How high are the costs of an erroneous appointment?1

(using the example of a sales manager)

Direct costs

    1. Costs of the recruitment process for…
      1. placing an advertisement, different search strategies, commissioning a headhunter2
      2. working hours of HR employees spent
      3. working hours of specialist department spent
      4. traveling costs
    2. Costs within the scope of the position
      1. Salary for erroneous appointment
      2. Expenses, allowances, bonuses, company car
      3. Induction and training costs3
      4. Contractual severance
      5. Outplacement consultation
      6. Possible legal costs

Indirect costs

    1. Poorer performance of the team and the organization4
      1. Loss of motivation and teamwork
      2. Loss of top performers under poor leadership5
      3. Slowdown of decision making processes
    2. Opportunity costs
      1. Lost sales6
      2. Avoidable losses – due to the erroneous appointment important clients may be lost
    3. Image loss for the company7
      1. Loss of investors
      2. Problems in future talent acquisitions

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