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Questionnaire for the diagnosis of entrepreneurial potentials

Here, you may find an online version of the FUP-K, a questionnaire for the diagnosis of entrepreneurial potentials. We will not save the data you enter, therefore, your input does not allow any conclusions to identify you personally. The questionnaire demonstrates what kind of questions we ask in the questionnaires we use. Please note that the filling in of a questionnaire is only one of the diagnostic instruments that are used in our Individual Assessments. The result – irrespective of its outcome – consequently is only a fraction of a professional and extensive diagnosis.

There are no wrong or right answers. The more honest you answer the questions, the more accurately will the result describe you.


Questionnaire for the diagnosis of the personal management profile

Here, you may fill in an online self-assessment questionnaire. It is based on a catalog of competencies that we also use in a similar form in the Individual Assessment. By answering the questions, you will get to know several of the criteria that we use for the assessment of leadership and management potential. Once you have answered all questions you will receive your personal management profile – based on your self-assessment.